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Begadi hop gumička PRO 60° ( SHP5 ) 5mm


Špičkové hop up gumičky, které na servisu používáme a skvěle se nám osvědčily.

Dosahujeme s nimi lepších výsledků, než s gumičkami od Maple leaf, které jsou v ČR velmi oblíbené.

Jelikož dělá BEGADI více typů gumiček s různými typy přítlaků a lemem gumičky, jsou skvělé do všech komor a na všechny pohony ( aeg, hpa, gbb )


Vyzkoušej i ty BEGADI gumičky, nebudeš litovat !




The SHP series are newly developed HopUp Buckings / Rubbers from Begadi, designed in Germany!
These are specially designed for modern HPA/AEG/S-AEG weapons and HopUp units and have some special features to increase the range and reduce the dispersion:

The SHP and MHP series is an addition to the already available FLY and MAG HopUp rubbers and is specifically designed for HPA systems. Due to the revised seal, the SHP series is also compatible with certain AEGs, a comparison can be found below in the description.

Our patch of the SHP5 and SHP7 rubber is identical to the FLY5/FLY7 and has a radius of 2.5mm (5mm diameter). This is therefore smaller than the BB itself and thus ensures accurate centering of the BB in the barrel.
Likewise, the BB is guided straight during firing to prevent runaway to the side. To generate a constant hop effect, the braking effect decreases in the front area.

To prevent the bucking from twisting on the barrel, there are two supports in the inner area. These rest on the barrel and support the alignment and installation.
This allows the installed tensioner to push the patch inside straight onto the BB, which also prevents runaway to the side. Note that a BB can only fly straight if the gun is also held straight.

Seal & Comparison:
This is where the difference in the available HopUp rubbers lies. Especially with HPA systems, it often happens that the installed Nozzle can not be changed and is therefore not compatible with every rubber. This is where our SHP and MHP series comes into play.

Our existing FLY and MAG rubbers have a slightly larger seal, making them compatible with flat nozzles. (e.g. Begadi PRO Nozzle with double O-ring).
However, some manufacturers use a pointed Nozzle in their guns, if this is the case, the Nozzle had to be changed or adjusted in length. In the SHP and MHP series, the seal was made smaller, so now pointed nozzles no longer need to be changed.

Notice: For a flat or round Nozzle we still recommend the FLY or MAG series, for pointed Nozzles the SHP or MHP series should be used.

Our SHP series also offers two elevations in the front area: At these points our rubbers/buckings have a diameter of 9.80mm, which press into the HopUp Unit during installation and thus no pressure is lost.

Durability and Wear:
All of our Begadi PRO Buckings are made from a very tough and durable rubber compound. This keeps the set HopUp effect constant for a long time and wears out much slower than conventional rubbers. You also don’t have to worry about the rubber cracking on the patch during disassembly or maintenance. However, you should exercise some caution when pulling it off. Please note the correct choice of hardness for your weapon (energy and bullet weight). If a too soft rubber is selected here, the wear increases!

To be able to distinguish our buckings, the respective version is directly marked. The rubber compound (hardness) is reflected in the color: 50 ° green – 60 ° blue – 70 ° black, so it is immediately apparent which version it is.

Versions 5mm or 7mm:
Another special feature are the two available lengths of the inner patch. The respective number indicates the required length of the running window.

– 5mm version: These Buckings are compatible to all standard barrels with a HopUp window of 4,8 – 5,2mm and can be used with all grammages. For very heavy BBs (0,36g+) we recommend to use the 7mm version + tuning barrel, because less pressure of the tensioner is needed

– 7mm version: This is a special version which is only suitable for tuning barrels with a 6.5 – 7mm window (DaVinci 70, TNT…). Due to the significantly longer patch, a much stronger Magnus effect is created here and it is especially suitable for heavy BBs very well. Please note that it can come with light BBs rather to an overhop! We recommend the 7mm combination only from 0.36g + BBs to use.