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JG1838 electric rifle replica
 The JG company’s replica constructions is based on the G36 type replicas. It is made mostly of plastic, this excludes the RIS rail and the outer barrel which are made of metal. the replica is equipped with a pistol grip which is borrowed from the P90 replica what allows for a stable and certain grip. It is equipped with an adjustable stock and a cheek pad which consists of four overlays. This allows to adapt the replica’s dimensions to the needs of the user. The scope is equipped with a magnification adjustment what allows for a accurate shot. The set also includes a plastic made bipod. It is fixed on the front-grip. Thanks to its dimensions, and predominantly, the long barrel (550mm) the JG1838 replica is a perfect base for power tune up what will make it a para-sniper rifle replica.
The set includes:
– The JG1438 electric rifle replica with integrated bipod, – a low-cap type magazine holding 20 BB pellets, – a 8,4V 1100 mAh battery, – a charger, – a 3-9x40EG scope, – 4 cheek-pad adjustment overlays, – 4 stock adjustment overlays, 

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